Sunday, April 5, 2009

Off to Hangzhou

Well, it is the time of the year when I am bound for China to take in the new teas. I am a little late because of an event at Cornell University (my alma mater). The other exciting part is that my middle son , Emeric, is coming. He has become a bit of a photographer . With the economic tumes, it is a short trip to Zhejiang Province. We will be based in lovely Hangzhou and run around tasting early spring teas.

These teas are so good because the tea plants send up so much goodness to get the growing season going. The plants want to have new leaves to make energy, so the plant survies and thrives, so the new tender leaves have more sugars, healthy antioxidanst ( mostly EGCG) , and Amino acids (like theanine) .

So I will keep you apprzied of the trip.

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