Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, I went to James Beard Awards at the Avery Fisher Hall. Had the tux and a beautiful wife in tow. I talked with my friend Drew Nieporent and his chef of Corton: (Paul Liebrandt). Right outside of the hall they had a red carpet. Chefs would arrive and the cameras would flash. It was fun talking with the fabulous Alain Ducasse, he is the embodiment of a elegant Frenchman.

Inside the lights went down and the evening droned on; Best Chef of Kalamozoo, Best Dishwasher, and other awards. The guy in front of me won an award, so I touched his seat for good luck. Finally they got to the book awards. My attention picked up. As they announced the award, I dimly heard that it was the guy further down the aisle. Honestly I wished I won, but look at the good side, I did not have to flub a speech on the stage.

Well life goes on. We will taste some Taiwanese oolongs tomorrow. Also I am planning a tea course at the French Culinary Institute in New York. My son, Bert, is doing well in crew. (rowing). The trees are all aflower and beautiful.

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MAJ Finn said...

Michael, sorry to hear the award did not work out. The book is surely a winner with all its readers, though. I found it fascinating and approachable. It has furthered my interst in tea and tea history (which I share with my classes when appropriate since I am a history teacher). I had a chance to travel to Japan recently and enjoyed a tea ceremony in Kyoto and brought back some matcha from Ujiwara Estate. I noticed all the banners up announcing first flushes and such (as you mention in your book). I also had a chance to visit the headquarters store of my SECOND favorite tea company - Lupicia. Thank you for inspiring me and others.

-Jeremy Finn

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