Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Morning tea in Darjeeling

My son Emeric and I are drinking some Selimbong first flush done yesterday, awaiting the sunrise. I just heard the siren that marks the start of the day for pickets. Soon we will look at the withered (wilted) tea leaves that will rooked and oxidized then fired (dried) in an oven to make today's DJ of tea. That tea will be labeled Selimbong SFTGFOP1 DJ 16. We had yesterday's
's DJ 15 and it was lovely. Yesterday started by walking down to the Okayti factory on the Nepalese border. We toured it and tasted some teas. Later we visited the grave of Bernd Wulf, father of my fellow traveller , Marcus. Bernd was instrumental in developing the First Flush style of Darjeeling and printing it around the world. It was a lovely place high on a hill overlooking many tea gardens.

Then we went to Seeyok Darjeeling to tour and taste. Then it was down a steep and bumpy road to cross the river and drive up to Selimbong.these are lovely organic gardens. They make great teas. Today we are off to Risheehat.

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