Friday, February 24, 2012

Special Chinese Black Teas

I love Chinese blacks. Nothing like a good Fujian Black: Panyang or Chingwo. Recently the Chinese have been doing great blacks from the Lapsang region: Jin Jun Mei is a good example. And who would not love a Keemun Mao Feng. The complex mixtures of sweet, honey, cocoa, and fruity flavor with a great body do warm my bones. Unfortunately, it appears that I am not the only one who likes it. Now the Chinese are experimenting with black teas. They used to drink green and oolongs, and sell blacks to us Westerners.

 I remember visiting the famous Lapsang factory high up in the beautiful Wuyi Mountains. There was this guy there that was from Beijing that was supervising the workers. He only wanted the best of the best of the early Spring crop. He would show the factory managers how he wanted it done. And he was showing some of the best tea people in China how to improve. He was going back to Beijing and selling for a ton or maybe two.

 We just got this note about another black tea from our Chinese supplier:

 XIN YANG HONG is one kind of Black tea of special quality, as well as it is very expensive also. Perhaps you know, it is crazy for some tea in domestic market in past year, such as Pu-Erh Tea some years ago, and recently special Black Tea is getting crazy, such as Jin Jun Mei and Xin Yang Hong, their prices are about ten thousand yuan RMB half kilo and more.

 Fyi, we can't supply XIN YANG HONG at moment because these tea have been sold out already, fresh XIN YANG HONG from 2012 crop will be available in May/June 2012.

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