Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 teas

OK, after a bit of a delay, the season has started.
When we were in Beijing, it snowed. So it was colder than normal in the tea growing regions of China. However it was warmed up enough to start some production. They say with the rain, they expect good teas.  It was cold in Tokyo also. There was some dispute among tea traders about production in the southern area of Kagoshima. However, it should start in a few more days.  My son Alex, just went up to Okayti today. So I will ask him for the straight story on First Flush Darjeeling. Two auctions in Calcutta were cancelled because lack of tea. A friend said so far all the teas suck, but they were putting in a bid on a Teesta Valley invoice. It is dry over in Darjeeling. More to follow.

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