Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Japanese Tea update

hello.  Uji is now at the beginning of full production.  it is hotter
season, so the tea is growing fast.
we are buying very carefully as the steaming is not proper with many
teas as the leaves are harder(grown) than the
farmer thinks his leaves are. Matsuda is doing very well, so we are
excited to see the processed tea of
Matsuda in a few weeks.  I believe he is one of the very few who is
doing best in the whole Wazuka.
Kagoshima is now ending its season in a few days.  So far their
quality was not so good in the average.
Shizuoka has now produced one third of their production ability but
the market is crushing already.
we hear they have found very little level of radio active substance,
so the market should go steady than
last year, but it is falling.  it was 2100yen average yesterday which
is about 10% lower than last year.
they say nobody is buying except Itoen, and strangely nobody discusses
about the quality.
It maybe because of the long deflation/depression of the economy, and
the radiation problem, and
mixture of it.

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