Friday, July 17, 2009

Live - at the International Culinary Center

So we are getting ready for the big event. I believe this is the first time tea is being taken seriously by a Cooking school. They have some of the best "foodies" teach hers, so I m honored.

This is what we are doing:

We are deconstructing Earl Grey
This sounds so foodie to me. Take something familiar and break it apart

Then we are "looking at tea from a plant's eye"
This is a celebration of tea barely messed with- so this is the plant as the tea plant makes it: White and Green teas

Then it is " A death of a leaf"
So when a tea leaf is under stress and dying, all sorts of wonderful things occur and they create lovely aromas and tastes: this is Oolong & Black Teas

Finally, the resident mad scientist at the Center: Dave Arnold, will distill up some tea alcohol and make a few fun drinks

We are up to about 20 people, so it is coming along

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