Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So the season is ending

We are getting the the last few teas from this season. It does take a while at the end of the season. No one is is in a hurry ( but us and you). Last weekend, we tasted the Namring Second Flush Darjeeling. It was a good seocnd flush.We did an experiment with waters. Someone had dropped off a water filtering machine t ha "concentrates" the water through ions. Not sure what that means, however the tea came out much darker than our spring water. My friend Marcus liked the ion water better. I liked the light more aromatic brew from the spring water. We will keep experimenting with the waters and see what we can recommend.

We will get in the Assams and the more muscatel ( fruity) Risheehat Darjeeling. early next week.

I will write about it than.

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