Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My youngest son, Bertram, is old enough to look at colleges. So we went up to my alma mater.

While there, we visited with the esteemed professor Peter Davies. Peter helped me with my book. Plants are magical creatures. They make life out air, sun and water. Peter is the expert about plants, he is releasing an update to his clasiic testbook: "Life of a Green Plant". I have taken a copy and will plow throug it when I finish up an all consuming project this fall.

Allso I went up the Cornell University Ag Station in Geneva , NY. There I met with Terry Acree. Terry is famous in the smell business (tea is a part of this business). He takes wine and breaks it apart into all the smells. I was up talking with him about a project. I hope to have more in a bit.

Speaking of smart people, I have been hanging around two different sets of them. These two groups have been studying tea and health. Of course, this has been done before. However, these two groups have a different dramatic spin. I wll be getting more info in a about a week and will keep you updated.

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